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Not only Superheroes wear Masks

Why Asia can contain Corona

Tracking in China in Corona times is implemented in many ways. Anyone entering a public building is required to scan his health kit (an App), which shows one’s whereabouts in recent weeks. If one has been in any risk zone in the last few weeks, his health kit will send a red warning immediately and this person will not be allowed to enter. Additionally, the data also give the possibility to automatically find out anyone who has entered this building in case of an outbreak and to test for contagion. At the height of the outbreak, you couldn’t even enter parks without being controlled. But almost no one wanted to go out during that time anyway.

Theory or reality

What sounds like a dystopian future becoming reality to Europeans or Americans, gave the people in Asia the assurance that with united forces, the health threat was largely eliminated within a short time.

A question not for future generations, but one we must ask now: how far are societies willing to go? How much security are we prepared to sacrifice for private freedoms and vice versa? As a theoretical question it is easily answered with all sorts of enlightened and lofty quotations and principles. Yet, when it comes to one’s own safety or one´s own family, suddenly everything seems less easy.

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